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notice: majority of images hosted here have been gathered from various places online, if something of yours is on here & you wish to have it removed please let me know ~

hello there! welcome to my website.

now that discord hotlinking is dead for good, i figured i'd quickly throw up a neocities page to host all of my findings. this site was made with only myself in mind, but if anything here catches your eye feel free to help yourself, but please upload to your own site if using! alicebot will pretty much be constantly under construction as i'm always stumbling upon more ^_^ made on a 1536 x 1024 screen on operagx & therefore best suited for it! don't forget to have fun browsing...




feb. 24: favicon, divider, and misc pages added to

feb. 23: site revamped for decome


stamps, blinkies, backgrounds and icons page as well as sorting uploads better & adding more

feel free to link me!
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